This is the simplest & best way to make perfect espresso every time. Though you still need a good conical burr grinder so you can play with the variables. All brewing variables will be easily controllable with this simple set-up: Steep Time, Water Quantity, Coffee Strength. After my first few weeks of practice back in 2010, I have been able to press perfect ristretto shots or a simple cup of coffee without any hickups every single time!

A decent conical burr grinder is essential to well brewed coffee. Baratza offers quality home grinders so you can adjust the fineness of your espresso grind or even make Turkish style coffee.

This stainless steel double walled insulated 15-Cup 2-Liter carafe keeps our milk coffee hot for a crazy long time. I make it early in the morning before bringing it to class. Many hourse later, students enjoy pipping hot coffee after their practices. It is durable; it is awesome!

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