Monthly autopay - no Paypal - your second month gets prorated so that payments charge on the 1st each month. See below for prorate details. Please do not use Paypal when you check-out for Autopay; Paypal is not compatible with recurring payments.

Monthy Autopay (no Paypal)

  • Your second month will be pro-rated from the date you began until the end of the month, but will be charged on the first before your month expires.


    The prorated partial month fee is calculated at $5 per day plus $10. For example, if you began on Nov 20, your first month runs from Nov 20 - Dec 19. December will be calculated as 12 day (Dec 20 - 31); 12 x $5 = $60, plus $10; Decmber will be $70 and will be charged on Dec 1st with each following payments also charging on the 1st of each month.


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