I am so inspired about our move to Irvine. Please do come to the opening pūjā ceremony. I am so grateful for you and want you to know how important your participation is for inaugurating the space and blessing this new venture together. Bring your passion for always improving yourselves as human beings - the human spirit has no limit. However high we attain, we shall always continue to reach higher, to do & be even better at everything we venture. We strive not because of a sense of lack, but because this is the essential nature of life - to always grow & expand - and as humans we have such an infinite potential to move from darkness into the light! Come, bring your purest intentions for increased clarity & harmony supported by your yogic focus, and together we will inaugurate the space and bless ourselves.

New Address:

17805 Sky Park Circle, #F

Irvine, CA 92614

Opening Pūjā Ceremony begins at 1:00 PM

Mahā Prasāda (blessed food) will be served at about 3:30 PM

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17805 Sky Park Circle, Suite F  ‖  Irvine, CA 92614  ‖  760-587-7334

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